All the planning happens here

It all starts with a simple form

You finally decide what style of balloons you're looking for, you've got your inspiration pictures ready and you come to my website to fill our your inquiry form.

We create your dream balloon set up

After I receive your form, I get to planning! I begin to draw up and imagine the balloon design, this is when I will contact you for specific details about the venue, any special requests, etc.

We arrive a few hours before your event and VOILA! Everything you ever wanted and needed from your balloons will be ready for you to enjoy with your guest when the party begins!


How the process works



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 Balloons in the sun and heat can expand and pop very easily. Balloons in the cold can shrivel up and deflate. For outdoor events in the summer I recommend keeping them in the shade and using lighter colors. Darker colors are more prone to popping in heat.

How long do balloons last outside?

If they are kept indoors at room temperature they can last you a couple months!

 We can schedule a time for me to come back whether it is right after the event or the next day.

No! We can use poles to attach them to if you would like your balloons to stand alone.

 How long will they last?

How does pick up after the event work FOR RENTALS? 

Do they need a wall to be attached to?

Painters tape! Don't worry, your walls will be protected!

How are they attached to the wall? 

Our balloon garlands start at 5ft!

What are the minimum feet allowed?